Like many others that have been impacted by the COVID pandemic, I have lost all Ambition. My values have shifted completely and what I have done for employment previously seems shallow and unfulfilling. I used to be THAT GIRL in the office. I want to work hard and play hard and in sales, this type of mentality helps push great numbers and solid commission checks.

Many others may be like me in the sense that what served me before is far from serving me now. Working in an office setting full of people that really have no hand in your success and don’t want the best for you seems like a big waste of time. I want to be surrounded by people that have my highest good in mind and want to see me improve and ultimately succeed.

I am in sales and it just doesn’t seem to serve me anymore. I always wanted a leadership position in this field, thinking it would be fulfilling, and it was far from that.

So now I am going back to the drawing board.

I look at the highlights of my career, and think about the moments I felt good or proud of myself. Unfortunately they were few and far between. I have been working almost 30 years and haven’t really felt like it gave me a sense of purpose, only really working as a means to an end (paying the rent).

Where do we go from here?

I feel like I may be more helpful in the field I originally expressed interest in, which is psychology. At first post grad I thought I didn’t want to listen to people’s problems all day, however I ended up listening to others people’s problems for free at work and on my phone (shout out to my girlfriends, love ya).

If I were to pursue a new career in therapy, I would have to head back to school. This is something that is cringey af. I don’t want to sit in a classroom and pay for knowledge I can find out on my own just for a credential degree. Bad news is this would be the only segway into this new career.

I know others are in the same boat as me. What I used to do is not rewarding and purposeless, and now I am looking for something more purposeful. It sounds simple, but I can’t do anything so idealistic that also doesn’t pay the bills.

Anyhow here I am. It is okay to feel confused and brainstorm a higher purpose for our better good. It is okay to follow our needs to get to where we need to be. It’s okay to not have the answers right now. And it’s okay to dream about doing something better.

My question to you is, where are you at in your career now post pandemic and are you thinking about shifting too?

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