Unique Birthday Present Ideas

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Ever have a birthday to attend, and have a hard time getting something fun and unique to make that special someone happy? Below are some unique birthday gifts that your loved one is sure to cherish!

1. Clarkson Ave Crumb Cake Co.

Nothing says I love you like a homemade crumb cake! Better than Entermanns Crumb Cake, with different flavors like oreo, cookie dough, and black + white. Using a family recipe inspired by 1950’s Brooklyn, and perfected on the East End of Long Island, they promise to deliver the most delicious crumb cakes on the market. Their cakes are moist, the crumbs are piled on, and they only use high quality, all-natural ingredients.

Shop now at clarksonavecrumb.com!

2. Organic Infusions Essential Oils

Right off the site itself, Organic Infusions, Inc is a farm direct, wholesale essential oil supplier committed to purity. During inhalation of an authentic certified organic or wildcrafted therapeutic grade essential oil, you are connecting to the very life force of the plant. The energetic vibration of the plant unites with the body harmonics within each of us. Organic Infusions understands that when aromatherapy essential oils are altered by artificial means, the precious essence of those oils is forever changed. For this reason Organic Infusions does not carry essential oils that have been diluted, altered, or synthetically modified.

Try out some new essential oils here: https://www.organicinfusions.com/collections/essential-oils?sort_by=best-selling&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI0ZuWw_aq6gIVWiCtBh04kQEqEAAYASAAEgKVrPD_BwE

3. Beauty by Earth Bath Bombs

Straight off the site, they want to know – is your bathtub your peaceful corner of the world? If not, it’s about to be. Beauty By Earth’s Healing Bath Bomb Gift Set is here to fill even the most humble of bathtubs with luscious, natural ingredients to leave you (or a special someone) feeling relaxed, restored, and rejuvenated.

Shop Now: https://www.beautybyearth.com/product/bath-bomb-gift-set/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIzrmhnviq6gIVCB6tBh1XBAu2EAQYAyABEgL2n_D_BwE

4. Dr. Squatch Bath Set

For the manly man that needs a little self care, here’s a gentle suave scent soap box that will make any man blush.

Shop now at drsquatch.com.

5. Stitch Fix Gift Card of Style

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Give a stitch fix card and take the guessing out of giving. Take the guessing out of gifting. Give a Stitch Fix gift card and let a Personal Stylist handpick items they’ll love. They’ll thank you for it

Shop now: stitchfix.com/gifts

6. Peloton Exercise Bike

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The Peloton Bike is for anyone that is looking to live a healthier lifestyle but needs some positive reinforcement with excellent trainers on call to kickstart your dream body.

Shop now: onepeloton.com

Birthday Week: What I’ve Learned, What I’ve Accomplished + How It’s Helped Me Grow

It’s my birthday today!  I am 39 years old with soon to be 7 year old twin boys, my proudest accomplishment.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • Haters are great motivation, and if you don’t have any you aren’t doing it right.  People naturally envy motivated, successful people.  The difference is the action after you put in the hate time.  As a woman we feel like we have to have everyone like us to give us our value, and we are taught to nuture those that are maybe kurt and disrespectful to us.  Taking disrespect is not something that should be in our realms and we need to set the bar high for ourselves and our self esteem.
  • Make failure your childhood friend. It is good to fail, when you learn from it and set a standard for doing better next time.
  • Do your best everyday.  Sales is a life game.  Killing yourself is going to lead to burn out.
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  • Take care of your mental and physical health.  Eating right, meditation, long walks, all of these can help you succeed.  Your work is not your life.
  • Make time for yourself.  And yourself alone.   And don’t feel guilty about it. Having mental health days to just let yourself be, without doing any unwanted work.
  • Bad bosses stunt your growth, so if you don’t have one find another.  There are many great leaders you can follow in life.  No need to stick around for a year anywhere where you are being mistreated or disrespected.  Allowing disrespect and not sticking up for yourself will only cause long term damage and regret.
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  • You can’t change people, but you can change your association and reaction to them.  You are the 5 people you spend time with the most.  Choose wisely.
  • To have a great friend, you have to be one.  I ain’t got time to nourish relationships that will not garner long term positive growth for me or them.
  • Go easy on yourself.  The world is not perfect and neither are you, ever.  Treat yourself the way you’d want to be treated, you queen!  Or king… 😉
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  • The kids are okay.  I find myself always comparing milestones to other children and the reality is, the kids are going to be fine even if they don’t get an A on their book report.  Most successful people and entrepreneurs I know now got straight C’s and some D’s, and they’re fine.
  • Go easy on the kids. Parents tend to put a lot of pressure on kids, as they only have 18 years to really keep them theirs IF they are lucky.  If you are nice, supportive, fair and respectful, the lifetime relationship is more important than putting so much pressure on them that they don’t want to see you again, like a bad boss.
  • You need to respect you before anyone does.  Self respect attracts others and is more important than admiring others.
  • Audit your internal narratives daily.  Your internal narratives dictate your thoughts, feelings and actions.  Think wisely.
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That is all for today.  Hope you have a great birthday too. What have you learned that has helped your future? What are you looking to achieve this year? Hit me up on the comments below!