Not sure about you, but holidays are always a bit depressing for me. I can’t quite put my finger on where it comes from though. I tend to focus about other really fun Fourth of July’s past, and try to flash back to my favorite Fourth of July of all time.

When it comes to me, it would have to be the Fourth of July down near the beach camp I went to growing up. Every Fourth of July the community would come together and march down the hill towards the beach. Flags were waving, the drunks were drinking, the kids were running down the road with their pinwheels, and the moms would have their little ones in red radio flyers, as they marched with pride down to the pavilion party.

Sometimes the community would have mini horses to ride on for the kids, and this is where I rode my first horse. It just so happened to be miniature and a soft white color. The fire department also brought their fire truck down and would spray the water stream high in the sky so the drops would fall on all the kids. The summer days were always hot and the bees were not the only the ones trying to quench their thirst.


The parents always loved to pop multiple beers, with a buzz on before midday. It was funny to see everyone dressed up in red, white, and blue while looped out with the sunshine and ocean breeze to blame.

The boaters would moor the boats were availability lied and the swimmers would splash each other until the sun hit the skyline. It was a grand day were all celebrated and felt like they belonged.

When I look back, there are not many communities that have this similar celebration. Now, being all grown up and married with kids, I have traveled to another town and city that seems almost deserted. 20 minutes outside of the beach and an hour away from the mountains, many camp, hike, and play as they disperse through the vast hills and valleys.

It is a different time, where social media perpetuates sharing anywhere but also promotes the hiding out in our rooms with minimal social interaction. The times have changed as my grandpa used to say.

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Community is out there but it is give and take. You get what you give, and it’s good to make connections that are meaningful.

So I say to myself, when in Rome do what the Romans do. Since we live in mid-city LA, we are headed to the LACMA museum. There are some new paintings and sculptures that we can explore. The fireworks in the Grove will be set up later on tonight and the Pan Pacific Park also has soon playgrounds for the kids. It’s interesting how things change.

Thought I’d share my Fourth of July memories with you. Hope you have a fantastic Fourth.

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