Mid-summer is here and it’s a time to reflect on what we have done thus far as a family, and what will happen as school comes BACK IN SESSION on August 16th.

What a crazy year it has been for parents. We ended up deciding to do online classes for the 2020-2021 school year. Some parents in our school decided to send their kids back to school when classrooms opened up again in late April. We were not those parents.

After homeschooling the kids for the entire year, we thought it would be less stressful for all of us to keep our schedule at home while the rest of the year ran out.

Now that summer is in full swing we are in it to win it.

My boys have done everything from swim in the lazy river to playing with their trucks, and we always seem to be BORED even in a room full of toys.

Therefore today I decide to pull together an article on 50 Summer Activities for Boys. Have at it!

  1. Bike rides
  2. Camp Outs
  3. Stargazing
  4. Water Balloon Races
  5. Play at the Local Playground
  6. Sidewalk Chalk Art
  7. Science Experiments
  8. Tennis
  9. Basketball
  10. DIY Bird Feeder
  11. Water filled Pinata
  12. Gardening
  13. Rock Painting
  14. Puzzle
  15. Visit the Zoo
  16. Hike
  17. Beach
  18. Head to the Farm
  19. Take a Class
  20. Build a Back Yard Obstacle Course
  21. Make a Picnic
  22. Paint Landscapes Outside
  23. Fishing
  24. Have a Car Wash
  25. Outdoor Game Night
  26. Bird Watching with Binoculars
  27. Go To An Outdoor Concert
  28. Lemonade Stand
  29. Jump Rope
  30. Go On a Clean Up Hike
  31. Watch the Sunset
  32. Firefly Catch + Release
  33. Rainbow Walk
  34. Put on a Play
  35. Sandcastles
  36. Hammock Nap
  37. Hula Hoop
  38. Go To the Farmer’s Market
  39. Host a Summer Olympics Party
  40. Read a Book
  41. Watch a Podcast
  42. Host a Magic Show
  43. Dance Party USA
  44. Coloring Books
  45. Look for 4 Leaf Clovers
  46. Make Popsicles
  47. Make Giant Bubbles
  48. Make Beaded Necklaces
  49. Go Kayaking
  50. Make Sun Tea

What activities are you and the kids getting into today? We’d love more suggestions.

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