Find out your unique super villain name with the guides below!


A – The Evil

B – The Mad

C – The Big

D – The Dangerous

E – Captain

F – The Ghostly

G – Professor

H – Doctor

I – Phantom

J – The Brutal

K – The Unstoppable

L – The Bastard

M – The Dark

N – The Crazy

O – The Diabolic

P – The Poison

Q – The Crazed

R – The Bloody

S – The Dark

T – The Dangerous

U – The Rancid

V – The Invisible

W – The Black

X – Diabolic

Y – The Mega

Z – The Grand

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First Letter of Your Last Name

A – Shadow

B – Knight

C – Tarantula

D – Skull

E – Mastermind

F – Wizard

G – Ninja

H – Devil

I – Freak

J – Beast

K – Criminal

L – Master

M – Menace

N – Child

O – Corpse

P – Slayer

Q – Poisonous Spider

R – Deadly Creature

S – Angry Abomination

T – Manic Monster

U – Voracious Vampire

V – Maniacal Mutant

W – Rigged Robot

X – Ghastly Ghoul

Y – Mad Machine

Z – Cunning Clown

My super villain name is The Dark Angry Abomination, what’s yours?

Let us know in the comments below!

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