Lencioni defines 5 dysfuntions of a team and how to beat the negative to turn it into a positive with some hard work and honesty.

Here is goes!

  1. Absence of Trust – Team work begins with trust and the leader needs to be able to be vulnerable enough to share honestly on their strengths and weaknesses together. This vulnerability starts with you. If everyone feels the need and ability to be honest with you and the rest of the team, it builds trust and notes for a stronger team. Tell them your objectives and share how you can help them achieve their goals.
  2. Fear of Conflict – Make sure that all team members have a say and encourage honestly and collaborative togetherness. The need to preserve a fake sense of harmony will stifle productive conflict. When we embrace diversity and the need to be right, we show vulnerability and show that natural conflict is good for progress. We need here to create a high performing team and assess our progress, figure out our failures and directly approach them to come up with creative solutions on road blocks.
  3. Lack of Commitment – Expectations need to be clearly defined up front so that each team member can be held accountable for their piece of the pie. They need to buy into their own goals and if they are not clear on the goals it prevents them from making the right decisions. They need to stick to the goals and figure out a way to get their in tandem with you. They should be able to present their battle plan to you and feel they can trust you to help them get from point A to point B.
  4. Avoidance of Accountability – Start having difficult conversations earlier and consistently. Weekly team meetings and weekly one on one’s can show everyone their progress. Keeping accountability for progress is key to try and see where there are weak points, and find creative solutions for the mishaps. As a leader you need to be able to be honest with each team member to hold them accountable for their progress or lack of.
  5. Inattention to results – Talk about the goals as a team and give each person the accounts or tips that they need to focus on to achieve those specific goals. The drive for individual goals over the team’s goals dminishes the team’s ability to succeed. Ego’s need to be left out of the equation for success, and politics need to be clear cut. Everyone should understand the function of our team and should know the purpose of their showing up and performing well.

When these 5 dysfunctions are defined, it can help you avoid negative morale, misunderstandings, and confusion.

What are your thoughts of this hierarchy and how have these steps affected your team?

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