The German science fiction series explores time travel in the small town of Winden. This small German town has their people mostly work in the nuclear power plant nearby and weird events start to happen. Dead birds fall out of the sky and sheep end up being found dead with damage done to their ear drums. Turns out there is an old missing child’s case where the child turns up dead with their ear drums also burned out. This brings suspicion and mystery to the similarities of death, and get everyone worried about what will their fate be next.

One episode starts off by saying that black holes are considered to be the hell-mouths of the universe. Those who fall inside disappear forever, but where is that? What lies behind a black hole? What else falls there besides space and time? Are space and time an endless cycle? What if everything from the past was influenced by the future?

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One of the main characters, Jonas, seems to find the God particle in the local nuclear power plant. He experiments with time travel and starts to wage a war against God and time. His future self comes to visit Jonas in the present and tries to destroy the God particle without success.

Jonas and friends are walking through the woods searching for a recently missing kid, when his brother Mikkel goes missing. It begins to rain heavily as all are running around trying to find him. Somehow Mikkel trips and falls into a wormhole of time, where he is greeted by him father trying to knock down a door that would give him the ability to save his child.

This is an odd series where time travel times seem to be from 2053 all the way back to 1921. This shows the adult and child versions of each character, and it is very well cast as they really do look like the older and younger versions of each other.

I would highly recommend this mysterious series and would definitely watch it in the day time as it gets pretty scary from point to point.

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Did you enjoy it?

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