I have to admit that I like to toot my own horn here and there. Not passing gas, but building myself up and bragging about my accomplishments when other people didn’t ask me to talk about them. (Okay maybe passing gas too.)

I am my best advocate, however it can be annoying for other people to listen to my accomplishments. I have to understand that volunteering information is not necessary, especially when people don’t ask about them.

To sum it up, I need to be more humble.

I did my research and here are 5 ways to be humble.

  1. Stop feeding your ego, and get off your high horse. You may be successful, but that doesn’t make you better than anyone else. When you treat everyone with respect, you win.
  2. Strive for excellence, but be modest and remember your roots. We all started at square one. Do not belittle others that are not in the same place as you. Everyone gets their time to win, and at some point you were in the same boat as the other person. It’s time to eat a slice of humble pie and stop bragging to people that don’t give a shit about what you earn and what you’ve invested in.
  3. Earning trust is necessary to earning respect. You have to use your words and actions to gain respect.
  4. Listen and apologize for your mistakes. We all make mistakes, even you. No one is perfect and we are not expected to be as only God is perfect and he made us. Listen with your ears and don’t talk over people. Apologize when you have done something wrong, own up to it, and move on.
  5. Compete against yourself but know your limitations. For example, this blog is super hard to grow. I want to do better every month over month, but I know that may not be possible given my time and energy being pulled in different directions. Don’t run yourself out of gas and set boundaries so you can remain your most healthy you.

In what ways are you humble?

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