Everyone strives to be a better conversationalist! Conversation is the art of communicating and it helps to have some pillars to run by as you converse with others.

I have always found conversations difficult, especially when they are the challenging, combative types. There are ways to redirect the conversation to bring it back to a more comfortable nature.

Here are 7 ways to improve your daily conversations with rules to live by!

  1. Try to share with the give and take mentality. Give 50% and let the other person give 50%, letting them share while not dominating the conversation.
  2. Converse, but do not debate. Debating is something that can get ugly and escalate fast. The best way to converse is to validate the others opinions and let them know they are entitled to their own thinking, even if you do not agree. This saves your time and energy to move on to something more meaningful that you can control.
  3. Respect the other person you are communicating with them by not judging or criticizing them. They are entitled to their own ideas and thoughts, and the only way to get through it is to ask more questions so you better understand their position. Instead of giving them an answer, ask questions so they can come up with the next steps or answer on their own.
  4. Be genuinely interested in what the person is saying and be true to yourself without being harsh or offensive. It is hard to understand others opinions or their take on different subject matters, but that is their making and no one else’s. Pay attention to what they are saying by coming up with a follow up question as they speak.
  5. Paint the person in their best light and focus on the positives. If there is a problem, figure out the different solutions you both can take and delegate them accordingly. Make the person look like a million bucks and they will always come back for more looking for that same feeling.
  6. Repeat back what the other person is saying and give them your undivided attention. When you are focused on other things it can be distracting and make them feel bad about themselves.
  7. Identify your persons needs and wants and help them get what they want or give them a road map to do so.

What other things do you do to best communicate with others?

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