HAHA! I bet you never thought I’d write an article about talking looking good in selfies, but here we are.

Surprise Walter Cronkite, I am not a model. I always feel awkward taking selfies for my social media pictures to the point where I do not like taking pictures of myself.

The reality is people still discriminate naturally based on your looks for jobs and more, so it is important to know all the tips to looking great in selfies so it gives you an edge in finding your next opportunity and looking confident.

  1. Make sure you take a photo in the natural window light. Taking the picture in the early afternoon is helpful. The direct sunlight can be a little much, so coming into the shade a little on an angle can help.
  2. Have solid posture. You can pretend as if a string is pulling up your body from the top of your head.
  3. Make sure you are not hunched over and extend your body.
  4. Try and keep your hands busy with a prop, purse, or pockets. Make sure your hair is done nicely and it stays not covering your face.
  5. Arch your back a little and shift your hips back. You can work them from side to side to help loosen them up to improve your stance.
  6. Try walking the catwalk and do a fake model walk.
  7. Practice makes perfect, so take pictures in the mirror or take selfies to figure out what angles and expressions you look best in.
  8. When all else fails and you don’t feel like smiling, test out the fake laugh. This will trigger a smile.
  9. Make sure you don’t go bug eyed by slightly raising your eyebrows.
  10. Are you a member of the double chin club? Me too. Make sure your tongue is touching roof of your mouth to make your neck look slimmer.
  11. If your selfies aren’t coming out great, set up the photo beforehand and be brave enough to ask someone else to take it. YOLO.
  12. Brighten up your picture by going into burst mode to make you look for even skin toned and fresh. If you do not have that mode, boil some water and give yourself a mini facial to clear pores.
  13. Take a video of yourself doing different selfies, this way you can screenshot different angles of yourself to understand the focus on how you look your best.
  14. Be aware of the focus on the camera. Most cameras allow you to press it to focus on your face or an object, this way your picture comes out clear and crisp.
  15. Try to find a nice background. I find that neutral backgrounds like grey, white, tan, or light blue are all great colors to make me look nicer.

How do you take selfies and what’s your favorite selfie pose?

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