Disney did it again with this lovely 1963 cartoon animated movie. Born in the 80s, this was by far my favorite Disney movie mainly due to Merlin to wizard and Achemedes the owl.

This great duo came into a little orphan boys life and helped teach him the rules of life.

The movie starts with the little boy training to be a squire to a powerful family that owned a dilapidated castle.

He soon meets the wizard Merlin, who offers to train him in wisdom and knowledge. Merlin and the magical owl Archimedes train the boy to be smart and resourceful.

As the boy is treated poorly by his adoptive father and step brother, things get a bit awry. The boy becomes a bird and learns to fly while being chased by a hawk. Then the wizard turns the boy into a squirrel where he learns how to run up a tree and collect nuts. There he meets a girl squirrel and she falls in love with the boy squirrel. She chases him up an down trees, where he finally has to tell her he is a boy and can’t be in a relationship with her. The girl squirrel was very sad but there he learned how to communicate with females.

The boy still must run errands for his adoptive father and he runs into a rock with a sword in it. Very coyly he approaches the rock and easily removes the sword that every other person in town could not remove.

The boy immediately becomes King Arthur once he pulls out the magical sword and he lives happily ever after.

The main lessons taught him to move onwards and upwards when you fail. Try, try again is an important motto to live by and shows that being honorable will get you to the top.

What is your favorite Disney cartoon movie?

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