Ugh. I hate today. My morning was a complete disaster. It has been super cold in the morning and very dry in our house. We have a space heater but I turned it off to combat the air dryness. I think I may add a bowl of water in my room so that it will evaporate and make the air a little more moist.

In the meantime, I wanted to talk about healing today. It is very tough to heal wounds that we’ve received from our parents and beyond. This year is a new year to better understand ourselves and our behaviors. It has been a reset for us to question our reality and the the systems we submit to daily. It is a year for personal growth and triumph when failure always seems to be knocking at our front door.

I only have the ability to control myself and no one else. I need to remember that. I cannot save my family and friends when I have not saved myself and put my oxygen mask on first. I was taught that giving to others without taking care of myself was being a good person growing up. This was false. When I truly take care of myself, I show up for others and am the best I can be.

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  1. Don’t get hung up on the things you cannot control. It doesn’t mean you are bad because someone messes up. CVS lost my prescription 3 times, we got toys from a relative that didn’t work, my morning meeting was late because someone didn’t check the zoom link beforehand, and I am feeling under the weather. Instead of blaming myself and working in rage and hate, I need to give it to my co-creator and understand that there is a plan and a reason for everything. Timing is always perfect when you co-create with your higher power.
  2. Stay in the day and plan for abundance. I have the very quick ability to take my mind to a negative place in the depths of the NYC gutters and right into the Hudson river. The reason being is because I set unrealistic expectations of perfectionism that hurt me more than it helps. By setting my goals and taking the steps I need to daily, I will do my best to get to the promise land of positivity.
  3. I will be thankful for the small things. This includes having a roof over my head, having clean water to shower, having hot water for tea, having family and friends, having my basic needs met when a majority of the world does not have the basics, I know that I should be grateful for the things I have. I’ve worked hard for them.
  4. I will study and learn something useful for my own personal growth. We are all human and should have an insatiable knowledge for what is real and what is connected. I will learn something new today that I have not learned before to help me understand the world in a different way.
  5. I will do a favor for someone less fortunate than I and I will not broadcast it. I will give to the homeless person begging for food at the stoplight, and I will give him a power bar. I will donate my clothes that I do not use. I will donate the toys my kids will not use. I will be grateful for what I have, and help others.
  6. I will make time for quiet time and meditate. I will open my mind and give myself a blank slate to restart my day and love myself.
  7. I will not be a doormat for others personal problems that I have no control over. I will not engage in relationships that make me feel bad about myself, trigger me into sadness, or challenge my wellbeing. I will understand that I need to fill my cup before I fill anyone else’s.
  8. I will be patient and kind. Although I am sad, I will be patient with myself and know that this too shall pass. There are ebbs and flows in life, and I just need to know how to surf it. Feelings are not facts, and time changes and heals all.

What things do you do to get out of a funk?

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