Fantastic leaders are hard to come by.

Leadership seems easy, but it is hard work.

Here are 10 great qualities only the best leaders possess, and things we can all work on ourselves.

1. Intuition

Trusting your intuition is key in great leadership. You need to be able to make quick calls that could have big impacts on the business. Going with your gut is always a good idea, and if you have data to back it, even better!

2. Voracious + Ambitious Learner

You never stop learning. You research your company and it’s people in it and make plans based on forecasting and the market as a whole. The more you learn, the more you know, and the more you grow.

3. You have an entrepreneurial spirit with the ability to change gracefully.

Entrepreneurship is not something that comes to you overnight. It is something that is inside of you that has the neverending compulsion to win. With winning comes sacrifice. With winning comes the ability to make quick shifts with grace. Even in 2020, many had to adjust to working online. Those that did stayed ahead, those that didn’t went out of business. The further you can forecast the future and adjust the business accordingly the better off you’ll be in the long run.

4.  Positive Attitude + Addictive Energy

The more positive and uplifting the leader the better for company morale. Notice how you feel when your boss walks in the door in the morning. Do you admire he or she? Do you feel energized and ready to get to it? Great leaders pull in an addictive energy that generates natural followers. Having a positive attitude is a key aspect of being a great leader.

5. Integrity

This is a rare commodity to come by these days. Many try hard to tarnish others reputations for fear of losing their position or worse, losing their job. Those that can be honest with themselves, admit their wrongs, and know who they are as a person, all commands respect and integrity. Integrity is doing what is right even behind closed doors. Admitting your wolrongs and learning from it helps you become the best leader you can be.

6. Honesty

It is hard to find people that are honest these days. Honesty is a great quality in admirable leaders. It shows you are comfortable in yourself. It shows you honor yourself and others. When you lie, cheat and steal, it is tough for other to follow and respect you. Being honest truly makes a stellar leader, and being fair in your decision making does the same.

7. Ability to Trust

Great leaders delegate the work to those that can do it, and have great trust that those people can do the job and do it well. When you trust your employees they respect you. When you help your employees out of a rut, they respect you. When you give them the space to do what they need to do, it commands respect and trust for all.

8. The Ability To Unite

Great leaders drive purpose and a mission throughout the corporation that give them a purpose to get to work everyday. They have the ability to unite those different from them and make everyone feel included and part of a bigger mission This is not forced unification, this is a leader that people WANT to follow rather than be forced to follow.

9. They collaborate.

Judiciously, they collaborate. Great leaders collaborate with everyone despite their differences to others. They have a natural respect for everyone in the company and want to help. This is a natural aspect of leadership that shows they can draw a crowd, make everyone feel special, and help to lead a team to greatness.

10. Confidence + Commitment

Great leaders are committed to their employees success. They want to company to do well, and the people around them to thrive. They have an admirable confidence that makes them magnetically magic.

What other attributes do great leaders have that makes them amazingly brilliant?

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