1. Women leadership provides companies with higher returns.

It is no surprise that bigger well known publishers like the Washington Post, CNBC, and The World Economic Forum have shown how female leadership on the top lends more profits. How could that be? Joanne Lipman, a former first female editor of the Wall Street Journal notes that women have to be 2.5 times more competent to earn the same respect as men. She notes in her book, That’s What She Said: What Men Need to Know and Women Need to Tell Them, that we are subconsciously programmed to recognize male superiority from a young age. For example mothers often overestimate the crawling capabilities of their sons, while underestimating that of their daughters. She also noted that studies show that a college female student with an A average is seen less regarded in math versus the Male student with a B average grade.

2. When women negotiate a raise, they earn 59% less than their male counterparts.

This was pulled from Lipmans book too. She notes that women do not know their worth, making it hard to know what her true value is. Men seem to be more proficient at negotiating higher salaries, and they are more accepted at higher numbers than their female counterparts.

3. Having a new baby is the biggest motivation to perform at your highest levels as a women, although the stereotype is that she is ready to fold her cards.

I can attest to this myself. When working on a commission basis, my highest numbers on record were pulled in when I was pregnant. This was because I wanted to be sure my family was financially comfortable as we brought a new child into the world. Don’t assume women wouldn’t want a new promotion or a new growth opportunity solely based on the fact they are having a child. If anything, it motivates them to do their best, not just for their company, but for their newborn child.

4. Women always have the ability to add more to their plate, even when it is full.

Women are natural helpers, and natural doers. We have the innate ability to add more to our plate even when it is full. Working women especially have the ability to make a PTA meeting, do homework with their children, make dinner and pack lunch for their family, while making their biggest presentations at the corporate level, ALL IN THE SAME DAMN DAY. We aren’t afraid to take on new challenges and actually enjoy the rush of knowing shit needs to get done.

5. Women have to try twice as hard to earn respect at work.

Joan William’s has a video series explaining how women have to work twice as hard to earn the respect men do at work. In this video series, she explains the unconscious bias we have been programmed to believe, along with the gender stereotypes that we as women have also been trained to believe. It is an eye opener for all, and I highly suggest you take a look.

What injustice have you seen in the corporate work environment?

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