Stellar leadership requires humility, resilience and empathy.  Saying sorry and growing from your mistakes is key. Self awareness is also required for great leadership. Realizing that you are a servant and not a dictator is imperative to help your followers grow. Being cocky and self righteous will never warrant respect.

Being resilient is required. Nothing is perfect and nothing always goes according to plan, and that is okay. Picking up the pieces and starting over is also okay. Asking for help is also a great quality. Being empathetic and having the ability to unite rather than divide will help you become a stronger leader.

Acceptance is a great part of knowing yourself and forgiving others, accepting them for who they are is critical. Building them up and supporting them towards their personal and professional goals will help them be better employees.

Spectatorship yields blame, self pity, and hostility. When you blame others it is more of a negative power play rather then an act of self acceptance. Stop putting pressure on others and singling them out, try to be happy, joyous, and free. Accept mistakes with fervor and figure out how you can do better.

When you pity yourself, you lose the game. Talk to yourself with kindness and give yourself room to make mistakes. Remember there are no mistakes only lessons, and the same mistake will happen more than once until you learn the lesson. There is always time to start over, and there is no need to pull the dead weight. Be gentle with yourself and take the next right step.

When you use hostility as a management tool, it threatens others and doesn’t help them yield great work. Making enemies at work will also not help your case. Being angry and mad at work is not productive for your team and does not yield great results. Take responsibility for your anger. There are many 12 step programs to help you stay in the boundaries of healthy relationships.

How are you a great leader?

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