1. Sincerity ♥️

You are best when you are you, and that’s perfect.

2. Relevant + Resourceful 👩‍🎤

Like a good stack of firewood, your brand is resourceful and relevant especially if you have a fireplace nearby.

3. Objectivity + Open mindedness 🤯

It is good to be objective when approaching any topic, and being open to criticism is crucial. You should know when your brand is working, and when it is not especially in the social media age we are in now.

4. Analytical + Audience First Know How ☝️

It is important to know what works and what doesn’t. And sometimes the only way to know is to test, and test often. You are only as good as your last sale, and you are only as great as your parents think you are.

5. Driven to Be The Best

You become a Fortune 500 brand when you are committed to being the best. The best of whatever that may be, and you need the drive to back you.

6. Know Your SEO

ABC is easy as 123, and SEO is as easy as PIE if you know it. And if you don’t know, now you know. The best way for customers to know about you is to be visible enough for them to find you, and SEO is a good way to light that fire.

7. Tell A Good Story 👩‍🎤

If people are yawning or not asking questions, then you may not be a good storyteller. Change up your game by becoming interesting by living your life more interestingly. Travel, read, and learn and you may discover the whole new you!

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