Dreams are only dreams until you start working towards them. Not to get all emo on you but I have heard others say that if you pretend to be at your funeral you can come up with a good list of things you had wished you did and then back it out now to make achievable steps towards them.

If you are not in the mood to report in your funeral wish lists, then here are 5 ways to manifest your dreams without pretending your are dying. 😘

1. Generally speaking, be mindful about your thoughts and your feelings

A good way to start is by doing meditation or yoga for 5 to 10 minutes to observe the tension in your body and mind. You do not need to stop thinking fully but it is a good way to quiet the mind.

2. Don’t get caught up in negative thoughts for no reason

Your feelings are only that, just feelings. If you consciously observe them, let them in, and let them out, the ebb and flow will help you release unwanted mental patterns that may be unhealthy for your body, mind, and soul.

3. Focus on your dreams, goals, and what’s going well in your life

We only have a small amount of time on this planet, so setting small goals to achieve the bigger ones will help you stay organized and effective. ALSO, and most importantly, learn to be grateful for what you already have. If making a grateful list is something you’d think you’d benefit from, then do it and tape it to your wall.

4. Your reality manifests itself at the frequency you are vibing at

Like the radio, we are filled with energy and that energy produces a frequency that emits love, light, and joy on some days, and shitty on others. Remember it could actually always be worse, so make sure to think about what you desire. This will make you do the things you want to do, and will help you achieve them.

5. You are what you think, just like you are what you eat

The law of attraction is a natural law of adhesion. You are what you think, and you think what you are. Therefore, is you are a superstar, you are! It is really that simple. Be your own best friend and think like you are giving your own best friend advice instead of beating yourself up.

Do your best today, and have a great week!

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