Have you been angry before? If the answer is yes than congrats an admitting it. If the answer is no, than you have been repressing it and could use some help. Take my hand and read on.

Anger is one of animals most primal emotions. It is in everyone, and everyone should express anger but in a controlled way. Read on.

How do you feel when something is taken away from you? If the answer is angry then keep going.

Just because you want something doesn’t mean you should have it. If you are angry more than you aren’t, it is time to heal and we can help.

When you have no peace, you have no power. And when you know peace, you know power.

Anger is not the way to solve your problems, and is usually taken out on others that did not cause the offense in the first place.

When you are slow to anger and quick to listen instead, you make it almost impossible to get people mad.

There is a higher power associated with this perspective as well.

If anger is repressed you have the ability to implode, and you have the tendency to turn it on others that are not responsible.

We need to own our anger, feel it, and get rid of our baby bottles and take responsibility for our lives. Circumstances are always in flux and can be bettered when adding love and forgiveness to the mix.

This doesn’t mean you need to be a doormat. This doesn’t mean you need to endure disrespect. This means that you need to speak up and not in a harsh way to add evil on evil.

This means you speak your peace in a calm manner, tell others how you feel, and let that ship sail.

We have control only on our own actions and not others, however we have the choice to remain associated with that person or entity or let it go. Don’t let others live in your head and rent for free.

We need to overcome evil with good, and live in the righteousness that our higher power desires.

It is not okay to be belligerent and violent when angry, and self control is the essence of mastery here that you ca overcome with the help of God.

When someone does you wrong, help someone. When someone mistreats you, you have the choice to get out of the situation.

Pray, bless, and do good to overcome evil.

We all experience anger, but we should not let the sun go down on it.

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