The world is healing and on a journey to recovery. We have seen the true colors of a corrupt system that impacted the world’s movement and have been punished for irresponsibility.

Here are some quotes on recovery to help us heal.

Live less out of habit, and more out of intent.

It does not matter how slow you go as long as you don’t stop.

Instead of saying I’m damaged, broken, and I have trust issues, say I’m healing, rediscovering myself, and starting over. Horace Jones

The pain of recovery is often greater than the pain of injury, but healing is worth it. Don’t give up. Christine Cain

The question isn’t how to get cured, it is how to live. Joseph Conrad

Courage isn’t the strength to go on, it’s going on when you do not have the strength. Napoleon Bonaparte

Recovery is something you have to work on every day, and it’s something that you don’t get a day off. Demi Lovato

One of the hardest things was knowing I was worth the recovery. Demi Lovato

When everything seems like an uphill battle, just think of the view from the top.

I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.

Recovery is not a race. You don’t have to feel guilty if it takes you longer than you thought it would.

Life isn’t about waiting for the rain to pass, it’s about dancing in the rain.

The pain you feel today is the strength you have tomorrow.

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest of souls.

Never let a stumble in the road be the end of a journey.

Every setback is a setup for a comeback.

It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether or not you get back up.

Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations.

Sometimes you can only find heaven by slowly backing away from hell.

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.

Recovery is not for people who need it, it’s for people that want it.

You have the power to say, this is not how my story will end.

It takes a habit to replace a habit.

Let everything you do be done as if it makes a difference.

Never look back unless you are planning on going that way.

If things go wrong, don’t go wrong with them.

I am no better or no less than everyone else.

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