Five Things on the Full Hunters Blue Moon this Saturday

Opportunity abundance is ahead for all. Lucky breaks are in store for us as new ideas and mental clarity come about during the full hunters blue moon that ironically fall on Saturday, the night of Halloween!

Fruitful energy is ahead for your transformation. It’s time for the graceful ending to end up going after your dreams.

Cob webs will be whisked away as your goals come at you at high speed as this moon falls this Halloween.

Pairing up with your soul team can help you achieve your lofty goals and the cosmic knights are here to guide you to success. There could be a double wheel of fortune, and new opportunities will pop up. You’ll need to work with figures of authority to make sure to look at the fine details and double check your work.

Quick change will occur and you mean business. Ace of swords will yield new ideas and opportunities.

Ten of wands shows that there will be a new burden to carry, which will lead to extra responsibility, hard work, and eventual completion.

The ten of swords means there has already been a painful death, however the sun is rising peacefully in the background. This means new opportunities will rise now that the hard patience work has paid off. Painful endings, deep wounds, betrayal, loss, and crisis are complete and behind us.

Three of wands yields a burst of energy, passion, inspired action, adventure, and creative impulsiveness to help achieve your goals.

Protagonist energy propels you forward. You have been patient, but a turning point is on your side. Trust in the process, trust in the mystery.

Transcending to success, you are ready to go to battle. Intuition is at an all time high and it is time to strategize ways to partner business wise with others to get to the next level. Use the wisdom owl to meet this opportunity and seize it.

Everything is coming back in balance and the hand of fate is coming to help you out of the waiting and statinlonary period.

Things that were not serving you have fallen away and now is the time to seize abundance.

Miracles are happening on the physical plane and the stars are aligning for your physical success.

You will be starting to see physical success as you continue rising up and speaking your truth.

You have come a long way, now it’s time to take the spotlight.

Creative talents help you rise. You may have felt out of control before, but the wheel of fortune will be coming in and yielding massive abundance.

Destiny meets synchronicity and a solid plan will lead you massive financial opportunity.

Lucky breaks will help and pays of in your favor.

Follow your heart and there will be success and abundance along with transformation.

Change ahead with new beginnings which means graceful endings are ahead and made positively easy.

Tower moments are at hand and that means that there is going to be a happy surprise.

Fate will bring you a successful boost of energy.

Be in temperance and moderation energy as you ascend to the higher level or higher plane into a big opportunity.

You’ll need strong confidence, speaking your hoensty and truth. This will mean that there will be a meeting of the minds with high end authority figures, and a lot of conversation to make it happen.

This is about your imagination and making the strategic plan to get you to the next level.

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5 thoughts on “Five Things on the Full Hunters Blue Moon this Saturday

  1. I’ve always been fascinated by the moon. J believe it’s an energy transponder to earth among many other things. That it is part of earth and its inhabitants but we might barely notice this if we do not pay close attention to it. Interesting article.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I does. Imagine because the moon affects all water bodies on earth, and the earth is over 70% water so can it affect our bodies which are over 80% water🤔

        Liked by 1 person

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