People are interested in what you think, what you say, and what you write.

Protect your intellectual property as your true inner voice reveals itself and the ideas that come with it.

It is a great time to expand your knowledge by learning a new trade to help you excel at your new hobbies and interests.

Listen deeply to your inner intuition, and you will find the answer through meditation and sound baths.

You are equipped with the knowledge you need now, no need to exaggerate your qualifications. It’s good to be straightforward.

You will experience the lesson over and over again until you learn and adjust towards the light.

Don’t let fear of failure prevent you from trying new things. It is good to expand your thoughts and mind as we take this journey through life together.

Search and pray for your life purpose, then plan goals out for your 5 year plan of achievements and benchmarks. A solid plan will help you more quickly reap the rewards, and you can always adjust as you go of the plan needs to be altered to new opportunities.

Having a back up plan is necessary for us to thrive and survive our best lives. Plan for emergencies financially, spiritually, and emotionally, as you simultaneously plan for miracles.

You have the opportunity to make an impact on this world through your voice and your being. Discover your passion and dive in. Most everything has been done before with grit, passion, and intense perseverance.

Communicate clearly and let your voice be heard.

Rise above the drama and keep your head clear to receive your birthright blessings.

Stand tall like you have your 3,000 ancestors behind you.

Be discerning about business, legal, and financial matters.

Give yourself room to breathe. Take a walk, eat some salted celery, make a smoothie, eat an ice cream. Treat yourself!

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