A praying mantis came to my window last night and hung out on the screen. I love praying mantis’s as they show up every time I am in need of spiritual guidance. This one in particular had wings like an angel, as not all praying mantis’s have them.

To expand on them, praying mantis’s also are green, but can be pink or brown as well. They are masters of disguise as their color helps disguise them as a leaf, branch or flower. They have 2 praying like shaped arms and 2 legs. Some can fly, some can’t.

It is mating season for them in September, so you are more likely to see them now as they are getting ready to mate and hibernate soon. Praying mantis’s eat spiders, flies, bees, and bugs to sustain their healthy living.

The funniest slash saddest part of the praying mantis female is that she typically bites the males head off after mating with them. Sometimes they eat the entire male but they figured out that taking their head off does the job for the rest of the body. We think this is the only animal that takes ultimate retribution post coitus, however if not, let us know in the comments below.

The praying mantis name means prophet or seer, and it is known to be lucky to see them. The praying mantis is known to show up when you need spiritual guidance in Christian tradition. It is a sign that you are on your destined path.

Have you encountered a praying mantis before? What did you see?

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