Dang it.  Another job, another set of jerks to deal with.  You change jobs and you think you are waving them goodbye, only to find that the same wankers seem to be following you from job to job.  How is this possible?  Thing is, you need to be able to spot and manage them with a great sense of self control & strength.

We have to deal with all sorts of jerks throughout our careers, coming from the deep dark corners of never never land, somehow they have found you, and will keep following you until you retire.  Key is managing your emotions in a healthy way to overcome an unhealthy jackass.

I have learned a few things over the course of my time in different jobs that I thought I would share in support of dealing with Mr. and Mrs. @$$ Bags below…enjoy!


1.)  Don’t stoop to their level.

You are not them.  You are amazing.  Calm down. Don’t let their misery spread to you and effect your great work.

2.) Do not talk about them to other coworkers.

Do not say their name in the office. Do not give them a taste of their own medicine.  Don’t take revenge.   The universe will somehow shell it out.

3.) Avoid, and limit interaction as time allows.

Avoid interaction as much as possible, and cc as many people on emails as possible so that if they are not being accountable for their work, others are aware.  If others do not initially defend you, this will at least give you a digital trail of their behaviors and bad work.

4.) Focus.

What is your goal at work today?  How is the asshole involved?  How can you hit your objectives without adding them into your day?

5.) Treat the person with respect.

Ug this is the worst ad most painful awful thing, being polite after someone is a dick.  But guess what, when you treat the bully with respect, you will make your parents proud.  The bully is looking for another bully.  Don’t let them make you them!

6.) Check your attitude.

Try to understand where this person is coming from.  Are they threatened by you?  Are they unhappy with their own manager or pay?  Is everything OK in their home, private life?  You need to seem the bully or jerk as a person, even if they seem like a demon.

7.) Persevere.

There is something about the word perseverance.  It is a beautiful, elegant word, and behavior. Stand tall, stand your ground and if all else fails, report it to her direct manager or HR.

Good luck you beautiful creature!