My Ideal Morning Routine | Leverage Ambition

Good morning, America! It was super hard to get up this morning as it is cold and rainy in LA. It makes me miss the east coast as it rains all the time out there, especially in the spring and fall. I like watching the rain fall, but I don't like the cold weather. On … Continue reading My Ideal Morning Routine | Leverage Ambition

Gearing Up for Elementary School

This is for you parents. It's that time we've all dreaded, all summer long. Back to school via home, aka homeschool. I've had in and out of consciousness panic attacks since August 1st. Pony up, parents! This is what we've done to prepare. We logged into our schools parent portal, and found out who our … Continue reading Gearing Up for Elementary School

How to Deal with the Jerk at Work

Dang it.  Another job, another set of jerks to deal with.  You change jobs and you think you are waving them goodbye, only to find that the same wankers seem to be following you from job to job.  How is this possible?  Thing is, you need to be able to spot and manage them with … Continue reading How to Deal with the Jerk at Work