When I look back at that Whitney Houston, One Moment In Time lyrics, I think about my mother. I think about the 80s. I think about running around the neighborhood like a bat out of hell ready to take on the next Double Dare challenge that we would make up as we carried through our lazy days. I will never forget my mothers sayings, especially now that I have my own kids. I want to remember the good times and the bad with vigor, and now that I am hitting that midlife crisis of forgetfulness I am jotting down some sayings from my mom that you may enjoy too. Maybe your mom used some of these one liners too?

“You’ll know what it’s like when you’re a mother,” said Mom.

“You can change the radio station when you can drive,” said Mom.

“Do as I say, but not as I do,” said Mom.

“Take care, brush your hair,” said Mom.

“It will be OK,” said Mom.

“God knows every hair on your head,” said Mom.

“God loves you more than me, and that’s a lot,” said Mom.

These are a few samples of my mothers quotes, and HAPPY belated MOTHERS DAY to you!

I failed to mention that Mother’s Day was a great day. I got two gold framed pieces of artwork from my children that were neatly wrapped in tissue paper by their teacher and teachers assistants. This week was teacher appreciation week and I blew it. So tomorrow morning I will give them flowers for Mother’s Day and teacher appreciation this week. Better late than never!

I received these beautiful surprise presents the night before Mother’s Day that my neighbor gave me. It was flowers, wine and chocolate for Mother’s Day. It was awesome, and a really great surprise gift! I love surprises.

The bad news is that our archway above our front door is finally falling apart, so we are ordering up a new one this week. We have been in our place for 6 years now and all of the rain and weird weather has made it fall apart. Good news is we got a guy for that. So that will also be a nice surprise to have it all completed by summer time.

For some reason I have been feeling a little down lately, and I am not sure where it is coming from. I am a smudge curmudgeon, and I am not sure why. Could be the weather changes and allergies it brings, or the overall growing pains of realizing at middle age that I am not a kid anymore. But there is one thing I really miss. And that is FUN!

What do you do for FUN?

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