From 7pm PST to 11pm PST tonight, you should be able to see the total lunar eclipse that turns this May flower moon red. Paint it all red!

The sun, the earth and the moon will be in perfect alignment. Like the perfect tic-tac-toe board, we ace our space as the earth’s shadow blocks the sunlight from bouncing off the moon. This lack of light makes the moon appear as a bright light brownish red color, almost copper Auburn in color.

This moon reminds us how we are apart of the vast universe that impacts our daily lives. This season is a season of growth and change. Change comes to equip us with a better focus that is aligned with awareness of our higher purpose. Being thankful for our everyday and steaming ahead into a total breakthrough. This flower moon is given this name because we are supposed to spiritually, emotionally, and physically bloom with the rest of the Earth’s living things.

Our intuition tells us that is more important than ever to listen to our dreams and inner environment. Listen to the unspoken words and upgrade based on the way we feel and want our lives to truly be. This is the time to listen to our inner calling and rise from the ashes like the Phoenix.

Instead of running during the flower moon, we have to remind ourselves that it is time to grow right where we are and how we are today. Sometimes it feels like people are not treating us the way we deserve to be treated. The new necessary events that are coming towards us may feel uncomfortable, and it’s time to feel them and release them. Allow yourself to observe your feelings, rather than react, so we can reset our thoughts and actions reminding us how human and magnificent we truly are.

Retraining our moments to serve us and expanding through all the feelings, whether you are being crapped upon or whether you feel your environment is not serving you, we need to remind ourselves that we are blooming red roses. And we are here to experience a new season of open opportunity. We need to pay attention to our inner selves.

Scorpio is the sign here for this full moon is diving into our deepest authenticities. There is a necessity to shed the old, in order to ring in the new. Our mission is to honor our souls purpose. The scorpio scorpion literally sheds itself. Rebirth is not possible without death. Eclipses are known to bring ingredients up a lot of emotion to the surface to purge before this new season of love.

How are you feeling tonight? ๐ŸŒš ๐ŸŒ  ๐ŸŒŸ

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