Christmas is the time to dish out the dough! The cash, that is! Presents and gifting can be super overwhelming, especially when you are on a strict budget. The best part of being on a budget is that you can play a price game with yourself. Gifts under $5 can be really thoughtful during the holidays. Simple household items under $5 can be very helpful and appreciated by others. Christmas gifts can be expensive, but it really is the thought that counts. Many people are on stricter budgets these days, and as we know it’s always good to save for a rainy day. Here are 86 Christmas gifts you can thoughtfully give on a budget and under $5. I always like to paint homemade cards to really personalize Christmas gifts as I think they are more thoughtful then a Hallmark card, and cost way less too!

Here is the list of Christmas gifts under $5:

  1. Coffee mug
  2. Pen holder
  3. Post-its
  4. Magnets
  5. Hand sanitizer
  6. Coffee
  7. Lotion
  8. Book
  9. Gift card
  10. Jump rope
  11. Hula hoop
  12. Ball
  13. Stickers
  14. Markers
  15. Crayons
  16. Craft Basket
  17. Notebook
  18. Stuffed Animal
  19. Magnets
  20. Puzzle
  21. Popcorn
  22. Candy
  23. DVD Movie
  24. Calendar
  25. Bubbles
  26. Coloring Book
  27. Art Supply Bucket
  28. Sand Toys
  29. Construction Paper
  30. Scissors
  31. Slime Supplies
  32. Beads + String
  33. Puzzle
  34. Ice Cream Sundae Kit
  35. Lottery Tickets
  36. Chewing Gum
  37. Daily Planner
  38. Bath Bombs
  39. Chewing Gum
  40. Ornaments
  41. Supply Basket
  42. Candles
  43. Fuzzy Socks
  44. Lotion
  45. Burt’s Bees Gift Set
  46. Drinking Glasses
  47. Mouse Pad
  48. Gloves
  49. Scarf
  50. Multi Purpose Lighters
  51. Snacks
  52. Chapstick
  53. Golf tees
  54. Koozie for Cold or Hot Drinks
  55. Decals
  56. Pens
  57. Pencils
  58. Razors
  59. Shaving Cream
  60. Shampoo + Conditioner
  61. Magazine Subscription
  62. Makeup
  63. Nail Polish
  64. Glue Stick
  65. Ribbon
  66. Markers
  67. Socks
  68. Flip flops
  69. Hair ties
  70. Stocking
  71. Deck of Cards
  72. Cereal
  73. Travel Neck Pillow
  74. Mini Travel Sample Basket
  75. Board Games
  76. Musical Instruments
  77. Tea
  78. Oven Mitts
  79. Dish towels
  80. Candle Holder
  81. Fresh Fruit Basket
  82. Marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate bar for S’mores
  83. Play dough
  84. Bibs
  85. Nightlight
  86. Blanket

What Christmas gift under $5 would you love to receive this Christmas?

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