I absolutely love the FULL MOON! As a fellow Cancer Moon Child I thoroughly enjoy bring out all of my crystals and getting witchy with the FROST MOON. Some people call it the BEAVER MOON because all the beavers globally start to hibernate as the winter approaches us on December 21st.

This specific full moon is in the sign of Taurus, which can give you a MAJOR CASE OF THE F$%^ ITS. The Taurus sign is known to focus on luxury material goods and financial safety, with a healthy sprinkle of super self worth.

This bright Taurus full moon is actually a lunar eclipse as well, and this means that the moon appears darker as it passes through earths shadowy wave. This is a great time to initiate new habits that celebrate your best self, while leaving the other garbage behind.

These are the character dives that is this FROST MOON signals:

  • CHANGE – even though we think we may not be ready.
  • GROWTH – even though we want to hang onto old habits, it’s time to ring in the new.
  • AWARENESS – the more you know, the better we become.
  • DIVING INTO A DEEPER CELESTIAL UNDERSTANDING – embracing the universe and all it has to offer gives us a sense of purpose that is bigger than ourselves.

The connection to the universe is deeper than ever and can really open us up to more blessings, when we FULLY LET GO.

Although very uncomfortable and frustrating, embracing the change will be best rather than staying in frustration. Honoring change as a constant and being grateful to the universe is important to get to being your best self in line with the universe.

Here are five full frost moon rituals to bathe in this Taurus Lunar Eclipse:

  1. BATHE IN FULL MOON WATER. Create full moon intuition water by leaving a can of water underneath the full moon. Once the night is over, feel free to wash your face with the moon water and say a prayer for your worries right before you splash it on your face.
  2. CALLING ALL CRYSTALS. Oh yes. Dust off those icky crystals and get them at your window, so you can soak up all the NEW MOON energy to give them a fresh, new, polished coat of NEWNESS AND WHOLENESS. This energy is our life line and gives us the power to change what we can and let the universe get your back by releasing all bad vibes (and relationships that aren’t serving your highest good).
  3. TAKE A LUXURIOUS BATH. Grab those scented bath salts and light the candles, where you can be on your way to blissful new moon energy.
  4. MAGNIFICENTLY MEDITATE UNDER THE STARS. If you haven’t picked a favorite meditation tree in your yard or someone else’s, if not today is YOUR DAY.
  5. DIVE INTO A FRESH, NEW TAROT READING. There are so many fresh celestial tarot readers that I really resonate with on YouTube, all you have to do is poke around and you’ll find something new and fresh.

What are you doing to celebrate this new full moon?

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