The holidays are creeping up on us, and as the creeper squirrels make their entrance, it’s time for some MAJOR SELF CARE.

Dealing with the stress of the pandemic has been somewhat unbearable in different ways, some more stressful than others.

I like the holidays. I like the Christmas lights, seeing the lights of the menorahs, and all the beautiful Kwanzaa blessing and colors that sustain all of our religious celebrations during the cold winter months. As we transition and change seasons from fall to winter, there are many ways we can stay healthy and positive by embracing our feelings and being honest about our current circumstances.

Here are 10 ways to stay healthy during the holidays.

  1. Don’t binge eat by drinking more water before and after meals, and also keep great healthy snack in your car or bag when you’re on the run. I love to make any excuse to take the drive thru crap eating route. I’ll leave the house knowing that I am somewhat hungry within a mile of my house and then make an excuse to drive thru and get franch fries from McDonalds. They are so good, however having a health snack bar or piece of fruit in the car as I travel from station to station will help me make better choices as the day rolls out.
  2. Make calls to friends, family, and your support staff to keep you in check. We all struggle in different ways, and the holidays can be a lonely time. The good news is that there are many people in the same boat as you. Many churches, 12-step groups, and fellowships worldwide make great partners for support while riding out the holidays. Remember not all of us have immediate family we can count on, and reaching out to others in need helps us stay mentally well.
  3. Be on your best behavior. Being polite means being good to others. That includes strangers and colleagues. Being mean to support staff, such as janitors or grocery store clerks is the lowest form of bad manners. Do unto others as you would want done to you. And don’t be a d$%^.
  4. Donate to your local homeless shelters and non-profit community centers. Remember to donate any leftover food to those in need. There are always people less fortunate then you, that would benefit greatly from your donations. Plus it makes you feel good after the fact.
  5. Celebrate in kindness. This means even smiling at someone or complimenting a stranger can really do good for good karma.
  6. Make some time for good home-cooked meals. Cooking with family and friends is the best.
  7. Give presents and send cards to those most important to you.
  8. Show extra gratuity at restaurants to those that give stellar service.
  9. Exercise often, if not daily. This does not mean get into a Soul Cycle class daily, but walking and lifting light weights can be beneficial to your mind, body and soul.
  10. Meditate and pray. When you meditate and pray you take time out to be grateful to the bigger universe that has gotten us to this point. There are many meditation and prayers out there to use, so many so that they will get you through every day in the 365 days we have this year and beyond.

Don’t forget to make a wish list for Santa too, so that he can bring you lots of presents.

You have a lovely day, you beautiful soul you!

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