🦃 Thanksgiving Menu | Leverage Ambition

Turkey day is soon on it's way! There's no day but today to start brainstorming the Thanksgiving menu to get you prepped ahead of time and PUMPED up and ready to SHOP! Turkeys go fast in my town, so I like to get my turkey early this way I can take it out of the … Continue reading 🦃 Thanksgiving Menu | Leverage Ambition

Paleo Mashed Potatoes | Leverage Ambition

Yummies in our tummies with this beautifully delicious paleo mashed potatoes recipe! I have been experimenting with potatoes often while in the paleo diet as the white potatoes fill me up as much as a piece of white bread used to and still keeps me compliant. The best part of potatoes is that they come … Continue reading Paleo Mashed Potatoes | Leverage Ambition