Flight, fright or freeze mode is a trauma based response that protects us from accidents, assaults, trauma and stress. Trauma and stressful life events can trigger us into flight, fright, or freeze mode and it should protect us, but sometimes it is a segue to isolation and fear.

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what is real threat and what is a perceived threat when we are in the depths of depression.

Here are some fears and disorders that can trigger flight, fright, or freeze mode:

  • fear of abandonment
  • narcissistic personality disorder
  • selfishness
  • self pity
  • terror, unnecessarily real or perceived
  • I am tired
  • chasing love that I could not find in myself
  • not getting my basic needs met
  • wanting relationships that are not mutual

Here are some ways to feel good and reboot your mind, body and soul:

  • meditate
  • prayer
  • exercise
  • yoga
  • read positive self awareness books
  • be selfless
  • eat well
  • get a therapist
  • drink more water
  • make a grateful list
  • get sober with help from peers in your community
  • maintain healthy boundaries
  • call your doctor
  • join a self-help group
  • become the person god wants you to be
  • make your family proud

Here are some quick reminders about life:

  • i have no idea what I am doing, and that’s okay
  • there is no book for parenting, but being patient helps
  • we are as serene as we allow ourselves to be
  • watch my mouth, is it necessary or my job to say it
  • remember that thoughts become things
  • you can always restart your day
  • know when to hold em, know when to fold em
  • i am trying to hustle
  • just keep swimming
  • time makes everything better
  • get ready to get calm
  • give back to the community
  • i make my own decisions
  • make my mantra serenity
  • accept the things I cannot change
  • realize i can’t change other people, but I can change my mind

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