We come here thinking that isolation and solitude is normal, especially after a massive pandemic.

Many of us have thought about nostalgia and how the days were brighter prepandemic. Some of us have fallen into depression, some of have gotten very sick.

We are overwhelmed and we come to blog under false pretenses that we may make it when we don’t. All the while we make emotional connections to community and benefit from service to others, be it volunteering for non profits, feeding the homeless or smiling at a stranger.

Sometimes I find that I ZOOM out or check out on video calls. We have all lost people over the last year, and our minds are elsewhere. We became spiritually bankrupt.


I thank god for the ability to reach out to others through digital means. We can fool ourselves and not get it sometimes, when all the whole the answer is with our spirit guides. Just because we are working out doesn’t mean we are healthy. Our mental spiritual and love health all need repair. I am speechless which is unusual because I love to hear myself talk.

Things are good today, I feel relatively spiritually fit. I survived the white coffin of that haunted MRI machine. I had to be under there for an hour. I meditated in there. The technician asked if I wanted to listen to music. So I prayed and closed my eyes to connect with God.

Thank you for all your prayers I really appreciate that. It’s always good to connect with ourselves and others. I am putting one foot in front of another, and I need acceptance. You can’t bend, lift or turn, aka BLT, again with some serious spinal surgeries.

I need the opportunity to say what I love to say. It’s a good day to be alive. It is a day to journey what I’ve never journeyed before. I have gratitude for the gift of life. I had a brain tumor that melted away by the grace of GOD.

Here are 8 promises that affirm your worth today.

πŸ™ – I am good enough.

✨ – I am connected.

🍦 – I am worthy.

πŸ‘« – People care about me.

πŸ‘‚ – Everyone hears me.

πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ€πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ€ – I am social.

πŸ’ž – People depend on me.

What sparks your grateful creative freedom today?

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