Reporting live from my home of four, two parents and two children, where we have all gotten the flu over the last week and a half.

It all started last week when I suddenly found out that my 7 year-old had a temperature. I found out about it by noticing that his eyes were glazed over a bit and he was extra moody and tired on Friday last week. I checked his forehead and lo and behold, he had an elevated temperature.

I prepared for (the flu) battle.

I quickly isolated him in his room and began sanitizing the entire house from top to bottom, missing no corners untouched. This included most everything from vacuuming to spraying the doorknobs with isopropyl alcohol and wiping them down.

Next I made sure that the windows were cracked in different rooms so that fresh air could swing through and in and out of rooms to keep people breathing freely and freshly.

Next, I had everyone sip with a straw a concoction made up of warm water, raw honey, lemon juice, a dash of black pepper, paprika, and turmeric with a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. This helped purify any toxins in the body and flush out the virus as fast as possible.

Next was bath time. Both kids went in the bath together. It was a warm bubble bath and they washed their hair. Prior to the bath I cut their nails as well as a precautionary measure to make sure they were not carrying the virus there, but we all know it spreads like wildfire despite these post precautions.

Next, they got in long sleeve, long pant cotton pajamas and were off to bed. They use electronics before bed so I made sure to sanitize them before and after use as to not spread it.

I tried my best on cleaning but still the second child threw up in school on Monday morning, catching the same virus.

Even with all the extra precautionary measures we took, we still all got sick. It was okay though as we visited the doctor on Monday since my other child spit up in Physical Education class outdoors and we needed to get COVID tested and cleared by the doctor to get back into school.

Luckily now only my husband is the last one to get it, which has manifested in tiredness and a slight fever. With a little adult acetaminophen and some extra juice treatments from Pressed Juicery, we were able to receive a customized set of detox juices that were right for us.

Although it was a hell of a week, I was still able to take care of myself in a meaningful way. I did this by lighting this beautiful butterscotch scented candle my sister made for her wedding (which was fabulous by the way), drinking plenty of apple cider vinegar mixed with lemon juice, raw honey, and cinnamon, detoxing with juice cleanses from Pressed Juicery, continuing to work with my life coach, and taking warm bath breaks when needed.

My husband is snoring this morning, but I think he’ll be much better today as this virus has run through us all.

I am grateful for getting the flu this month before the holidays so it heightens our immunity in the late fall and upcoming winter months.

Have you gotten sick outside of COVID this year with the flu? If so, what did you do for flu prevention and self-care before, during, and after?

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