I have visited thousands of websites in my publishing career. Nothing says awful like a tone deaf website, and it usually trickles down from the top.

Whether it be a tone deaf writer, or an outdated editor, you can blatantly tell when the thrill is gone (and usually it’s LONG GONE).

It’s amazing to me how these tone deaf sites continue to stay in business, and the reality is that most of them actually don’t. Whether it be through lack of investment or lack of care overall, the writing falls flat and the inspiration gets lost in translation.

It’s really unbelievable that many sites are completely ignoring the reality of the world today. The overall denial of reality or lack of empathy is really outstandingly absent.

The reality is that reality wins. The truth always wins. The content speaks for itself. If it doesn’t resonate with others and costs more to upkeep then what it’s worth then why keep on going in a downward spiral.

The reality is that like Jay Z famously said about organic creative content, you only need to be right once. If an article, song, painting, movie, commercial, or what have you is thoughtful, informative, engaging, and useful, it will rank in search engines eventually.

I have found that backlinks and social media shares have been yielding the most traffic for me. I have also found that when I write about what I want to write about, it helps rankings too because it comes from the heart.

It just seems now more than ever that we don’t have to listen to the news. It does nothing good for us mentally and spiritually. It is almost like an unwanted house guest or the elephant in the room. And frankly, I have had enough. So not only have I deleted most social media apps and cancelled cable, I also create space for myself and my own thoughts again.

In a previous article I wrote about creating or being created. It is important for me to experience my own reality fluidly and feel my feelings without distraction from outside sources. When I dedicate time to my passion for writing, I find that it is always time well spent.

What do you do to protect yourself via self care while living through the pandemic?

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