Harvard University is said to be the pinnacle of universities worldwide.  Well-esteemed and prestigious, Harvard University has a long history of producing successful superstars. Here’s a full list of all of the known Harvard University graduates, but alumni such as George Bush, Claire Danes, Rashida Jones, Henry Kissinger, Matt Damon, Michelle Obama, Al Gore, Jared Kushner, and Al Gore, all come to mind. Famous sayings like, park the car in Harvard yard also come to mind (Boston translation, pahk the cah in Hahvahd Yahd).

The prerequisites to actually get into Harvard University are lengthy, arduous, and industrious. Check out the Harvard University freshman application requirements here. You need serious stamina to get in and that same energy has to remain while getting out with a degree. It is helpful when your family already has a legacy at Harvard University, as former graduates can help you get in. Many want to get into this prestigious club.

There are many things Harvard University can give you, however there are also many other assets that a Harvard University degree cannot get you.

Here are 10 assets a Harvard Degree doesn’t get you:

  1. Common Sense.  It turns out you don’t need common sense to go to Harvard, nor is it required to graduate from Harvard.
  2. Street Smarts. Been spending most our lives living in a gangsters paradise, and naturally street smarts go along with it.
  3. How To Talk To People (Anyone Really).  Many underestimate the gift of the gab.  It helps you grow and build your network.
  4. How To Build Trust. Trust is earned with good behavior and good character, and respect is earned from honesty and hard work.
  5. Good Character. Character before career is such a priceless gift when running around this world.  Good character cannot be bought, but can be learned from great leaders that have a good grasp on ethics.
  6. A Brain. Not everyone can be great at everything.
  7. Good Looks. Being good looking is not an entry point in getting a Harvard Degree.
  8. Wealthy Parents. A Harvard degree won’t get you wealthy parents.
  9. Stable Blood Sugar. It turns out you still have to monitor your blood sugar after getting a degree from Harvard.
  10. Humility. Sit down, be humble.

Do you agree?

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