My mother always used to say, it’s the little things! Then you end up finding out that little things become the big things.

We went cloud watching in the Cleveland National Forest today. It was a joyful time. The serene mountains had billowing clouds over them and we thought it was going to rain.

The dark rain clouds met the white clouds and they danced. There was a fantastic animated cloud show that we took to that we thought you’d enjoy too.

Here is goes!

From left to right we saw a number of animals and figures. What do you see? From our view, left to right, we saw a snowman, a bunny rabbit, an adult sized poodle, and an elephant looking to spray water on us! What a miracle.

Above may be a clearer view of these cloud shapes.

This shape looked like a mini tornado with the stay puft marshmallow man to the left. What did you see?

This cloud to the right is a mommy bear resting on the mountain, with a baby cub to the left.

This cloud looked like either an atomic explosion or a mountain bursting with lava.

The above cloud was a snowman from the first range of cloud figures in the first picture.

This was the cloud bunny rabbit formation we saw that was hopping over the mountain.

This was the awkward adult poodle from the first mountain range picture we took.

This is the cloud elephant we were looking at that resembles Dumbo from the animated Disney movie long ago.

What do you see in the clouds?

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