The summer is finally winding down and most schools are back into their brick-and-mortar sessions next week. Play time and vacations are widespread while families try and fit in some much needed me time before everyone goes back to work.

We have been trying hard to be as active as possible. Taking hikes in the mountains, running by the seashore, catching the nearby lazy rivers, and swimming incessantly have been great ways to keep us healthy and active.

With the hard heat that comes and goes as it pleases, it is easy to catch a bad case of the dreaded brain fog if you aren’t being mindful of your daily habits.

Here are 6 ways to combat that summer end brain fog as we roll into the fall season.

1. 30-minute Cardio Sessions 5 days a week. Always consult your doctor before starting a new exercise routine, but if you can fit in a brisk walk or bike ride daily your brain will love you back.

2. Avoid drugs and alcohol. Believe me, when I want a skinny margarita, I want that skinny margarita. The reality is daily drinking is counterintuitive to optimal brain function and can stimulate brain fog. I avoid alcohol all together and celebrate once a quarter when I want to party like Will Smoth, big willy style.

3. Get a great night’s sleep. Sleep heals your body clear out toxins and gives you a clean start to the day ahead. By avoiding screens a few hours before bedtime and keeping yourself hydrated and full with a light dinner, sleep will give your brain an A+.

4. Participate in social activities. Parent meet ups, zoom sessions, friends meet up, or anything in between can help boost serotonin levels by laughing and playing with friends.

5. Me Time Sessions. Meditations, positive music, classical music, mindfulness and active listening in conversations can all organically help brain function and improve moods.

6. Eat Meditteranean style and Paleo style meals including nuts and fruits, olive oil and beans, vegetables and olives.  These nutritious food habits can help improve mood and will overall help feed your brain what it needs to perform at its best.

What do you do to get out of that summer end brain fog?

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