It’s called being an adult, and I am a work in progress.

Keeping the focus on me help me win, but it can be challenging. As a mom and a full time employee, I am constantly busy and checking off to do lists during the day to get through the fire.

I’ve realized that I only have so much energy to go around. And to that point, I need to be careful who I direct my energy to and where I direct it. I also have to remember to not spend energy trying to solve other people problems that are not my own. If I am not careful, I could waste time trying to solve others people’s problems that are not meant for me to solve.

The simple way to combat this issue is by redirecting the focus to myself. I also don’t have to justify, argue, defend, or explain anything to anyone. Other people’s feelings are my own, and there program is none of my business and I don’t have any control over it.

There are also few people that I can let into my circle, mainly due to the energy it takes to manage many relationships in an effective way. I like to keep a tight circle of friends that I can fully trust for a reason. Loyalty and devotion, along with a sprinkle of authenticity and ‘down to earth’ ness are all of the qualities I like to possess myself, which I fully appreciate in reciprocated relationships. When I honor my boundaries, I honor myself.

No one can fill my voids, but myself. And the only way over them is through them.

Denial of reality is a coping skill that I learned at an early age. I used this as a defense mechanism to protect myself where I perceive trouble.

For many years, I put on a smile when I was not happy. For many years, I denied my pain. When I honor the pain, I find that I am able to let it go.

The hardest thing for me to do was simple – ASK FOR HELP.

The reality is that great self care and gentle self awareness is a stellar segway to self acceptance.

Only when you accept yourself, you can fully love and take care of others.

As a caretaker it is imperative to fill your cup first. I need this reminder daily.

What do you do for daily self care?

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