We all get there sometimes. We feel we are not enjoying our jobs and we are really ready to find a new job and explore the job market. I have tried many jobs in my day. It took me some time to find the right job for me. I tested out plenty of jobs. Not everyone was for me. It was good to know what was right for me and what was not. Many times it was more the people surrounding me that I didn’t like more than the job itself. It is good to know the difference.

I double majored in Psychology and Spanish, and both were not very relevant to what I am doing today. I love to write about my adventures in the world. I don’t use Spanish really ever, and a lot of times it is my friends asking me what they are saying on the Spanish radio stations.

As for the Psychology major, it has been semi-helpful but has not really helped me succeed. I found that actually test driving out new jobs is key to finding out what I like and what I don’t like. Sometimes you meet awful co-workers that make the job awful, even though you actually enjoy the work itself. Sometimes you get in slumps where you burn out and you feel unproductive.

It is important to realize when you need a break and when you need to actually leave. I have found it hard to take off, especially when they trick you into the unlimited vacation plans. This trick is an old Human Resources trick that makes people think they will have forever off, but then does the opposite. It turns out people with unlimited vacation time are less prone to taking off. This can lead to unhappiness and overall burnout.

If it is not a break you need and you are looking for new jobs to test drive, look no further! Here is a list of 5 cool jobs for you to test out and see if you are up for the challenge.

  1. Social Media Manager. This is fun as you get to pre-plan the brand conversation you are having with your audience. You get to create and be creative in order to get more people to follow the brand account. It is ultimately set up to be able to have a two way conversation with others that are looking for your product. This is a fun job to test drive as it tests your social media skills and helps you to learn how to be more socially knowledgeable for other jobs out there. Once you get your entry level go, you can upgrade to higher paid positions that fully manage a broad spectrum of brands and accounts.
  2. Marketing Manager. Here is one similar to the social media manager position, but is in charge of all marketing activities of a certain brand, product or place. This is fun as you get to create the brand positioning and the target market is there for the picking too. If you are selling bikinis you will probably target the teenager and millennial crowd, for example. There are plenty of different brand positions out there that you can test on the market to see what actually drives sales and what does not. It takes some time to test different outlets but once you get a good formula you can use it for years to come!
  3. Web Engineer. Here is a fun one if you are into numbers and coding. Coding on the web is a great way to understand how the back end of the internet works. All the letters and numbers produce results and if you get something wrong you will not be able to see the results that were intended. There are many things to do in web development. You can work in marketing where you design websites. You can work in ad technology and learn how ads serve on different pages. You can code games and pull together code for others to enjoy in their spare time. The possibilities are endless, and it is really a matter of understanding what you are interested in ahead of time and testing it out.
  4. Customer Success Manager. Most startup companies need a front facing person for others to collaborate with when they have issues or need assistance. You would be the go to person for customers to contact when they have an issue needed to be solved and can help them get it done quickly. When it comes to a successful customer success manager, you need to be a people person. You need to have a will to help others. You need to want to help others solve their problems. This is a fun job is you like to help people and want to help them succeed. Your success is their success!
  5. Personal Assistant. This is a great job as you can assist someone that you want to be like in the future. If you are a personal assistant to a fashion designer, you will learn more about the fashion design field. If you work in a bakery with a baker, you can learn more about baking and running a small business. The possibilities are endless and most successful entrepreneurs need a go to person to help them achieve their goals. That is you!

What other jobs have you tested and liked or didn’t like? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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