5 Cool Jobs To Test Drive Today | Leverage Ambition

We all get there sometimes. We feel we are not enjoying our jobs and we are really ready to find a new job and explore the job market. I have tried many jobs in my day. It took me some time to find the right job for me. I tested out plenty of jobs. Not … Continue reading 5 Cool Jobs To Test Drive Today | Leverage Ambition

Happy Birthday, Keanu Reeves!

Today is the ones birthday, no one other than Keanu Reeves who turns 56 today. We all know and love him so much, and he embraces all that is right with life. Keanu means cool breeze in Hawaiian. Did you know that Keanu Reeves was born in Lebanon even though he is a Canadian citizen? … Continue reading Happy Birthday, Keanu Reeves!

What is Fear Mongering 101?

UrbanDictionary.com describes it as a scare tactic as well. This is a strategy that various governments and news media uses in order to scare you into agreeing with their policies or points of view that usually involves some kind of protection or banning something which thus enacts more and more useless laws. This also helps … Continue reading What is Fear Mongering 101?

Hotwire.com is Off To The Races

Hotwire.com has recommenced it's media spend this month by doubling down on the LA market with Radio and Youtube buys that promote the site. It's a smart move. Targeting all media into a few hot spots, whether it be a one day or a week flight, when you concentrate media in a smaller time frame … Continue reading Hotwire.com is Off To The Races