If you have ever met a person who has a great admiration of themselves, you are most likely dealing with a narcissist. It is hard to beat a narcissist at their game as they are cunning, fake, and really only care solely about themselves.

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Here are 5 ways to disarm a narcissist and stop him or her in their tracks.

  1. Speak Factually. Narcissists love to get people to be emotional rather then get facts out of people to make them look bad and make themselves look more superior. Make sure that you speak with facts and leave emotion out. If you do not have a clear answer than let the narcissist know you don’t have a clear answer.
  2. Don’t Acknowledge Them. Narcissists live and breathe on validation from others. They thrive on others complements in order to make sure they are needed or worthy. With that, narcissists are energy suckers that steal positive energy from others to make themselves feel better. They will take credit for others work and brag about themselves due to massive insecurities. They don’t mind negative attention either. It gives them a sense of attention and worth like no other. Their goal is to keep the attention on them no matter what.
  3. They hate authority and being told no. Narcissists always want to get what they want no matter who they trample over to get it. No one is safe. They are great weasels that even if they are talent-less they are great politicians that are crooked and no good for morale. Getting an authority figure to speak over them on next steps will make them angry and will provoke them. They do not like the word no and they do not accept refusals. Get an authority figure on the case and they will help you beat the narcissist.
  4. Set Boundaries and Limits that are best for YOU. Setting boundaries is imperative to get respect from narcissists. You know you are setting a good boundary when they start gas lighting you and dismissing your feelings. Narcissists usually get rage full and violent when they are told no. They don’t like consequences to their behavior and they want to be able to control yours. Many people avoid conflict with narcissists for this reason alone. Don’t dismiss your feelings and set healthy boundaries for you to best live your life.
  5. Narcissists Hate Public Humiliation or Losing. They can’t handle failure well as they never want to feel like they are defeated. Their egos are very fragile and they don’t like when others make fun of them. If this happens most will laugh it off and pretend not to care, and then lash out on others later. They scream and yell in anger and then make violent and emotional threats to others to spread the humiliation to others.

What other ways do you deal with the immaturity of a narcissist?

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