Most times I am able to be the yes woman. I am known to say yes to everything.

Can you help me with my cover letter?, said my sister. YES, I said.

Can you help me write this article?, said my co-worker. YES, I said.

Can you help me with my homework”, said my son. YES, I said.

Can you make dinner?, said my husband. YES, I said.

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After all of these requests, I find it hard saying yes to the things that I actually want to do for me.

With that, we’ve come up with 8 ways to politely say no that will get you out of the obligation and back to doing the things you would like to do.

  1. I am honored you asked me but I can’t do it.
  2. Unfortunately, it’s not a great time for me to do it.
  3. I appreciate you thinking of me but I can’t commit to that right now.
  4. Sorry I cannot commit to that at the moment.
  5. No, thank you for offering but I am unable to accept this commitment.
  6. This is not a great time for me to do this, apologies.
  7. I am unable, however have you tried (insert name here)?
  8. Sounds not, but I am not available.

What ways do you say no?

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