The winter season has been a long one for many of us. It has been some time since we cared for our garden, and now is the time to prep and clear for the upcoming spring months.

My mother always loved to garden in the spring. She would fill our yard with begonias, sunflowers, and azaleas that would make it look colorful and inviting.

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Here is a list of 10 things you can start to do in March to prep your garden to grow this coming spring season.

  1. Clear Your Flower Beds. By this time in winter, you probably have some left over leaves hanging around where the plants should be growing. These leaves can make it hard for flowers to bloom, so it is necessary to clear carefully so you do not pull any of the bulbs out. It is best to use a plastic rake so that you do not rip out any tender foliage that has already started to grow.
  2. Check Your Sprinklers. Your sprinklers may have been damaged by snow or incoming traffic in your yard. Now is a great time to test your sprinklers out during the day. You can see which sprinklers need new heads and point them in the directions that they need to be to water your plants properly. Water is a precious resource for your plants, so it is key to make sure these are set up in a timely matter to best fit your unique gardening needs.
  3. Trim Your Fruit Trees. This is a great time to prune any vertical branches on fruit trees as they rarely yield any fruit. Mostly horizontal branches yield the fruit, so as long as they are not crossed and are not dead you can keep them as it. This is a good time to spray them with a dormant oil spray so that it reducing any pesky pests and insects coming in and ruining your fruit trees progress.
  4. Start Veggies from Seeds. Now is a great time to sow vegetable seeds in frost free regions to get the growth process started. You can plant tomatoes, squash, lettuce, spinach, radishes and peas. Make sure they are spread 10″ apart so they have room to grow.
  5. Plant Annual Flowers, Trees and Bushes. Now is a great time to plant begonias, angelonias, pansies, alyssum, and osteospermum. You can also plant any bushes or trees you’d like to get the process started. Make sure the trees are not planted too close to the house as the roots could cause damage later on down the road.
  6. Plant Berries. Strawberries and raspberries are wonderful to have during the warm summer months in pies, drinks and salads alike. They are best started in containers or garden beds and will need around 8 hours of full sunshine a day.

What gardening do you plan on doing this March?

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