We all know about mean girls. They do one thing very well: hate on you! Melissa Ambrosini says that we all have an inner mean girl within us that we need to embrace and tame in her book, Mastering Your Mean Girl.

How is it that mean girls get it all? The bad girl always wins for some reason, so we’ve pulled 8 things and lessons that will help you master your inner mean girl to promote your best self and your best wealth.

  1. Expectations set you up to be disappointed. Do not have any expectations, instead make a plan and then another plan to back it up so you are prepared for the worst but hopeful for the best.
  2. Be the example. If you are a good example, others will naturally follow up. Look to be your best self and embrace your inner mean girl and bossy side but tame it in a way to show confidence and strength. No one likes to see a boss that others like to run over all the time.
  3. No one can be you, and no one can help you but you. Your mindset is key and your responsibility. Make sure you fill your cup first so that you can be alert and ready to take on any task on a whim.
  4. Be grateful for all of your failures as they have only helped you grow and learn that you are not perfect. Repeating mistakes again and again only come when you have not learned the lesson yet.
  5. Nothing changes if nothing changes. You need to be the change you see in yourself. In order to get and achieve your goals, make sure you have a plan and carry it out accordingly. If you are not reaching your goals then it is time to change the plan.
  6. Honor your truth. If you do not honor your will, you are not honoring yourself. Honor your truth and understand your wants and needs before stepping out the front door. If something doesn’t work out, understand why it doesn’t work out and rearrange your day to figure out what you want to do and why you want to do it. Only you can get your dream job if you understand and pinpoint what that dream is and how others have achieved it as well.
  7. In order to master your inner Mean Girl you need to choose love, and not be scared or live in fear of sticking up for yourself and asking for help. It is true that most women do not get raises because they don’t ask for them. And when they do ask for them they get discouraged when they don’t get what they want because they haven’t planned it out with their boss. Make a plan and follow it so that you hit your marks to over deliver, getting you to the next level in tandem with your boss.
  8. Tune into why you are doing what you are doing. Make sure you are aware of what you are doing and why. Change is hard but is doable with bravery, strength, and confidence.

Do you have an inner mean girl? Is she tamed?

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