1. Sit up straight. Do not hunch over the table. Make sure your upper body never hovers over the table. Keep your feet on the ground and your head up, looking up at guests when they are speaking to you and vice versa.
  2. Chew with your mouth closed. This is the worst offense. No one needs to see your food being chewed once it leaves your plate. Make sure your mouth it closed and that you chew 20 times to make sure that your food is fully mashed up to swallow it without choking on it.
  3. Use the right utensils. Your salad fork is the fork all the way to your left and is typically smaller than the other forks but could be the same size. Cut with your left hand while holding the fork in your right hand. That is only if you are a right handed man. If you are left handed use the right hand.
  4. Make sure your napkin goes on your lap as soon as you are seated. This sets the example for everyone else at your table, and also keeps you from forgetting to do it once the food comes out. As the appetizers are served, you should already have your napkin on your lap ready to go if God forbid something spills on your lap while eating sloppily. How you do one thing is how you do everything.
  5. Wait for all to be served before eating. This is rule number one. Never eat until everyone else is served, unless they give you permission to do so.
  6. Place your utensils down in between bites. No need to hold onto your utensils while chewing, as you’ll look overly ambitious.
  7. Say please and thank you to the wait service. Never disrespect those that are serving your food. It is rude and degrading.
  8. Be grateful for your company and the meal. It is always nice to say thanks to your guests and try to speak to each person at the table if possible. Listen when others speak and do not interrupt others.
Photo by Askar Abayev on Pexels.com

What are some additional table manners that you love to remember while eating out?

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