This is a brief sketch of the theology of Thomas Aquinas. There are three ways we decode this by the extended meditation of the presence of god in creation, the presence of god by grace in the souls of the just, and the presence of god in Christ and the Church.

Romans chapter in the bible says expect to find that people will know God without reading the bible but having a rational nature of the existence of god naturally.  It says that the existence is known to everyone with their rational reflection of the natural world.

Therefore, we can use natural reason and human intelligence to understand that a god exists. Thomas Aquinas realized that it was hard for is to find this existence normally, but that a few people can develop their natural understanding of god by studying.

We can know the existence of god from the experience of nature. Something is responsible for the beauty of the world. Aquinas says that some people are falling on a spectrum of common development for those that have the time and gifts to understand that God exists. Some can answer deep questions about god by reflecting on it.  We look for an ultimate explanation for it. What we see around us is the natural world. Something is responsible for the order of it all. Also although a virus is not seen, we know it exists from our symptoms and there is something behind it all.

Aquinas was said this argument was like planting a seed, very fragile, and can be crushed.

Natural theology exists and Aquinas thought it through 5 ways.

1. Order of motion in nature. There must be a first mover or unmoved mover or an ultimate source of change in things that creates concurrent motion.

2. Cause and effect. In order for there to be causes at work, there must be a first cause of an uncaused cause starting it up. Causality is there.

3. Contingent beings. Things exist that don’t need to exist. There needs to be a source that exists. Things that exist but do not have to exist. There must be a source of contingent beings that cannot not exist. The source simply just is where the perfect beings must exist.

4. The Source of Perfect Things Made Behind a Perfect Being. Differing grades of perfection of being lead to the conclusion that there must be a perfect being, the source of being in everything else.

5. Things Without Intelligence Act Out of The Sake of Ends. Things without intelligence cannot work for the sake of an end unless a higher intelligence is directing them. These things are guided by a Higher Power that is not themselves.

These all conclude that there is a supreme being directing us. God is present in things, moving them and guiding them as they wish.

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