I binged watched The Stranger yesterday, and it is fantastic! An England based mystery of a disappearance of a mother is cringe worthy, mysterious and addictive.

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The main character is a good husband and father that happens to have a discrepancy. The discrepancy notes an affair. The affair was with one of his co-workers. He is lawyer that seems to qualify for the Alcoholics Anonymous AND Al-Anon programs.

After he cheats his wife finds out and starts calling the lady he had an affair with about how she is a home wrecker. The wife gets scared and sad that her husband is going to leave her so she ends up faking a pregnancy AND miscarriage to keep the attention on her and prevent him from leaving her.

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A stranger comes into a coffee cafe and tries to blackmail the husband, telling him that his wife faked her pregnancy and that she has been lying to him.

The stranger happens to be a woman that continues to try and blackmail others for money to start her own business. She and a friend continue to search for people that have deep dark secrets. They blackmail a ton of people with internet data that they find, and some of the people end up paying her off!

Although this is the beginning of the story, it is not the end. I plan on watching the rest of the series today once I finish my work.

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So far I have watched over 6 episodes and the main event is solving a murder that happened after a bonfire party of young people. It turns out the teenagers are drinking and drugging. One person ends up killing an animal and leaving the body in front of the high school. Another person strips naked and runs through the woods, who ends up being found by a detective hours later.

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Netflix has done it again with a solid series, and I am so excited to finish it up!

What Netflix shows have you watched that are bingeworthy?

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