It’s a new year and a great time to spring clean in winter, while we are all still working from home. I have found that the more I look around the house, the more I need to clean and purge those things I am not using or have not used in the last year.

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I find that I want to keep things that I do not necessarily need, and it is just taking up space in my house and making it look cluttered.

Here is our minimalism challenge to help you clean up your belongings and get more organized.

  • Clean out your handbags
  • Clean out your suitcases
  • Vet your wardrobe
  • Donate clothes and socks that are not in active use
  • Empty your wallet
  • Clean your car and vacuum it
  • Clean blankets you want to keep, donate the old ones you do not use anymore
  • Donate any old books that you are not reading anymore
  • Clear out your makeup collection, including old mascaras that you are not using anymore
  • Go through your kitchen pots and pans, donate those that you are not using anymore
  • Check your drawers throughout the house, throw out anything unnecessary
  • Evaluate your 5 last purchases, did you need them and did you actively use them?
  • Turn off any unnecessary phone notifications that trigger fear and unnecessary action
  • Delete any apps and trash any receipts you do not use
  • Declutter your laptop and organize files to make it look cleaner and easier to use
Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on

What other ways can we organize and clean our homes for easier living?

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