Another year of homeschooling via Zoom calls, and I have had enough. I understand it is not safe for kids to be together because of the corona virus, but enough is enough already. Public schools have completely shut down with no plan to get them back in school in sight.

Instead of making a plan to get teachers and kids back in school, there was an announcement in early January that we had to stay home and homeschool our children instead. Are we getting a tax refund for this?

No kids deserve this. How can we not figure out a safe plan to get the kids masked and social distanced? It seems everyone else in the country has started rolling out small classes. The parents cannot fully do their jobs, while the kids are only partially learning their grades requirements, and it doesn’t look like the work is going to ease up by the end of the year.

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What is a parent to do? Many others are complaining of doing at least 8 extra jobs then they were doing pre-pandemic as homeschool is not just teaching your children different subjects like reading, writing, art, math, social studies and science. It is also being the teachers assistant and helping them when they need to turn a page (for the younger crews), or getting them construction paper for their art project, or teaching them how to draw a dog.

The parents are fully responsible for the curriculum, and no teacher is able to fit an 8 hour curriculum into 2 hours. The whole system is a mess and their is no solution in sight. The kids are being held back and are not fully comprehending their requirements, so not only are they suffering but then the parents will be blamed for not teaching them a full curriculum.

It is such a shame. I feel so bad for the kids. Not only is the subject matter falling behind, but their social development is also suffering. The kids are not interacting with their peers in a meaningful way. There is minimal time for group talking and there is no play time anymore. Most parks are still closed.

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I want to give my children a happy childhood, but this at homeschool prison is just not working at all. Our kids need to go back to school and keeping them home should be a violation of the law. Most all public schools have opened across the country and some aren’t even masking. It is just a shame that LAUSD cannot figure out how to slowly get kids back to school. I guess we are going to have to go to private school so there is less bureaucratic bullshit and more progress.

Thanks for listening! Is anyone else fed up with homeschool?

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