During this new cycle a lot of you have raised your vibrations and standards so high that nothing from your past excites you anymore.

This is what real growth feels like when you can move and surrender to whatever that no longer serves you.

If you haven’t mastered this type of surrender then allow for change to happen and it will come , just because you miss or wish for certain aspects of something doesn’t make you weak or insane, however what makes you strong is acknowledging your true feelings without repressing them.

You are human that’s okay if you have your moments from time to time

The beauty of this reset gives us a chance to see our worth and understand what to keep and understand what to let go.

Never under any circumstances should you settle for anything less than second best.

You value has increased because of your loyalty and faith you have accumulated for yourself.

Have some pride for your newfound dignity.

You should feel more relaxed and have more clarity for yourself.

You know how to differentiate from illusion vs reality.

You know how to take tour time getting to know somebody without ignoring the red flags.

Even if you are the type of person that holds onto people due to fear of being lonely, you are starting to find peace within your own self and you are bot searching for validation outside of your own self.

I’m here to tell you that your lifestyle and outlook have changed for the better and look out for synchronocities that the universe is trying to send you.

This will be validation that you are on the right path.

Over the next few months it will be filled with amazing opportunities.

The universe will be dropping you miraculous blessings such as loving new people and soul families that you couldn’t have received before your transformation.

You will be free of any obstacles or slow moving energies.

You’ll be more confident in how you ask for things and you will be grateful because you didnt lose your cool.

You may have gotten frustrated and lost your patience, but you still remained humble.

You stayed on course and trusted the universe will provide and it did.

The year 2020 came in to test our minds and show us our strengths.

You stayed still while we ran through these lessons before making hasty decisions we may have regretted and had you been aware of this you wouldn’t have mastered the lesson.

You were protected throughout your journey.

Now because of your obedience you now have a fresh new take on the new year.

If you are still worried or hopeless the universe is testing you and converting you to take and accept this much needed change.

If you have ascended and notice that the people around you still need to face change, it is okay to step away and let them learn your own lessons.

Don’t hold onto people that are going through this pain and know that they need to ascend and make their own path to ascend as we already have.

I hope this message inspires you to keep up the good work and always remain humble.

Help those who cannot help themselves by showing them the way but don’t do it for them as it will cripple your growth.

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